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CounterPoint packs a punch at 2018 Pollies

We had a great time when the 2018 AAPC Pollie Awards came to Nashville. We enjoyed getting to see some of you and seeing the best of 2018 in political messaging.

We’re excited to report that CounterPoint Messaging won 3 Pollie Awards:

“Brutal Baker” 
Best Use of Negative or Contrast Radio

“Brutal Baker” 
Radio Candidate Division

“Rick Nothing”
Radio for PAC/Super PAC

“Brutal Baker” was run in Rick Kriseman’s race when he was down 15 points and being outspent by $500,00 The top political blog called the race “over” unless our opponent was “struck by lightning.” 

Kriseman was down by 15 points against a popular former mayor of the city who began the race with 70% positive rating and 16% negative rating.  

Check out the case study about Rick “the Comeback Kid” Kriseman’s race here.